Today marks the official release of the new Twitching Tongues record "Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred" on Metal Blade Records . In 2015 I got an email from Taylor Young asking if I'd be interested in playing guitar with the band for an upcoming tour, I said yes to the tour and by the end of our 3rd phone conversation I joined the band. It's almost 3 years later and we made a new record that I'm very proud of. Thank you Taylor, Colin, Cayle and Alec, I'm excited to play these songs live and I'm proud to be a member of Twitching Tongues... I'm also glad I checked my email that fateful day. The album is available worldwide and streaming on your preferred digital platform. We will be on tour with Hatebreed, Crowbar and The Acacia Strain March 16th-29th and then we're doing a headlining run down the East Coast March 30th-April 8th, hope to see you there!