I'm home from tour! (But not for long)

     I just got home from not one, but THREE  awesome tours. Twitching Tongues did a U.S. run with Hatebreed, Crowbar and The Acacia Strain, then we went on to do a short headlining run down the East Coast w/ True Love and Vamachara. After that I had one whole day off at home and then headed to Boston for a couple of days of rehearsal with Wear Your Wounds whom I then travelled to Europe with for a string of dates leading up to the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, NLD. 

     I had a great time even though I was sick as a dog for most of the Hatebreed run... So gross. I saw a ton of old friends and got to play a bunch of old songs with Hatebreed every night on that leg of the tour. A few nights Jamey tested my muscle memory by throwing a few songs at me that I definitely hadn't played in almost 10 years but I think I did ok, no train wrecks! It's always great to see Crowbar play, especially for 2 weeks in a row! They also played at the Roadburn Festival, performing "Odd Fellows Rest" in it's entirety... THAT was awesome to see live! The headline run was great too, especially since we got to play United Blood Fest in Richmond, VA. That was a great hang out and an unbelievable show! Shout out to all the bands that played, especially Death Threat and Madball, it was great to get to catch up with those guys. Wear Your Wounds did a few shows with Heretoir from Germany and Stomach Earth which is a solo project of Mike from WYW/The Red Chord. All of the shows leading up to Roadburn were great and we really appreciate everyone checking out Wear Your Wounds whenever we come to town seeing as it really is a brand new band. Once we got to Tilburg some of the band had a couple of days off. Jake had the honor of curating the event this year, so between that, Converge playing 2 sets, WYW playing a set and doing a live art collaberation with Thomas Hooper, he was DEFINITELY not getting a day off. Mike had a set with Stomach Earth as well as WYW and Adam was playing an acoustic Cave In set with Stephen Brodsky as well as the WYW set so I ended up getting a little unexpected mini vacation in the Netherlands! I hung out at the Grass Factory every morning and then walked over to the fest and watched sets from Crowbar, Mutoid Man, Converge, Jonathan Hulton, Stephen Brodsky & Adam McGrath, Stomach Earth, All Pigs Must Die and Godflesh. The Wear Your Wounds set felt really good and I had a great time playing the show, it was a really awesome way to end damn near 6 weeks straight on the road! 

Now I have about a month home before I head off to Europe AGAIN, but this time with Twitching Tongues and Vein and THEN we both hit the U.S.A. with Code Orange until mid July. I'll post all the dates ASAP!